She ran through the woods. The trees blurring past her like sentinels of the night. There was no wind, only her pace making the air fly through her hair. The skin of her bare feet got scratched and pricked by the forest foliage and the cold sleeping earth dirtied them, but she didn’t care. Her muscular legs drove her forward to where she did not know. Apart from her ragged breathing, and the disturbance of the trail she left through the maze, there was not a sound, as if all the creatures knew something was wrong and they were too scared to emerge. The moon high above highlighted her as she shimmered in sweat. The endless escape opened finally to a lake. She stopped at the shoreline, thinking, What next? It would take her too long to go around and there was no way across. She had to go through. She waded into the freezing water and plunged into the depths, she had to make it to the other side, but she would have to stay under for as long as she could, because if they followed her path and saw her in the water, they would surely catch her. She needed to continue on her way and quickly.



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