She stared at herself in the mirror, surrounded by those soft Hollywood lights. Her silky purple hair being unrolled to reveal bombshell waves. Her face painted dramatically. Those green eyes looking back at her, framed by thick, luscious lashes. A last mist of hairspray and she was called. Tonight was her night. Her moment. She made her way from the ladies in the hair and makeup department to just backstage. Her nerves started to take over. Her palms sweaty as she took hold of her mic. Her knees trembling as she walked out onto the dark center stage. The blind stage lights solely on her now, cancelling the faces awaiting her. What if she forgot the lyrics? That note, that single key. B. That was her que. She took a deep breath from the depths of her diaphragm, and opened her mouth, releasing the most velvety sound ever heard.




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