Memories. They plagued her head like a virus, making her feel so sick and exhausted all the time. She felt like she was sinking underwater and nothing could save her. All she wanted was to forget them. Those men, with their lies and charm. The happy times turned to pain and tears. So many things triggered these memories. A piece of clothing, songs, people who looked the same as them, same model vehicles, so much, she just wanted to run away, to seclude herself in the middle of nowhere to be away from all the reminders. But, she wouldn’t go that far, because it wasn’t sensible or reality. She just really wanted to move on.Something to happen in her life that would take over and bring her nothing but happiness. Give her a reason to keep living, and living a life worth living. She felt like she was going insane. She wished she had a pensieve like in Harry Potter, where she could pull out and discard her bad memories into it. Yes, bad situations can mould us into who we become, but it was time to let go and move on. But, she just didn’t know how.



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