She didn’t have to look twice to know that it was him. He didn’t see her, but she saw him. His style, his hat, his build, his walk. It was him. And within that few seconds, all those old feelings started fighting their way back. Her heart beat faster, and she could feel her body warming, her face flushed. She wanted to hide, but at the same time she wanted him to see her and see how she had changed for the better and regret what he had lost. Not minutes later, she pushed that all down. What was she thinking? She was better off without him. The way he had shucked and jived her. He had not once treated her as special. As a priority. She was always near the bottom of the list, and he only wanted to be around her when nothing else was planned or everything else fell through. She could do SO much better. She was going to find that man who treated her right. More precious that jewels. Love her for her. She just had to have faith and keep that faith. Good things were coming. Someone was watching out for her and He had it all planned, and her man was already picked out for her. Faith, trust and a little bit of God’s dust.




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