The rolling green hills surrounded her. The wind pulled in the dark heavy clouds, making the landscape greyish and drab. Her raven hair whipped around, tossed by the strengthening wind. She was alone in the field save for one full oak tree not far from her. The encroaching clouds were suddenly lit up by a streak of lightning. The rain, with no warning started to pelt her face. This was not good. Trouble was brewing and she had a job to do. The line of the trees was far off, but she had to make it there. Thunder rumbled the earth and shook her to her soul. Lightning immediately responded by striking that lone tree. Instantly a section of the tree fell away and it all ignited. A fireball that would cause those hunters to come looking this way. She needed to leave now, or they would catch her. She pushed herself forward. Limping from the injury, but she ignored it as best she could. She quickened her pace and limped all the faster, grimacing as the pain shot through her leg all the more. The treeline neared slowly, but she heard a shout of alarm behind her. The bounty hunters would be on her in no time.




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