Adulting was scary. And hard. There were plenty of days when she didn’t want to adult. Like today. She wanted to go on strike, stay in bed for hours and maybe even binge-watch some Game of Thrones or Outlander. Seal herself away from the world and just be selfish for a day. Procrastinate on everything. But, then that almost scared her even more. If she procrastinated, any longer than she already had, it would all blow up in her face. She’d never be able to finish school if she lagged on serious studying and then she wouldn’t get into the field of work she wanted to, thus resulting in no home of her own, no car of her own, not even a dog of her own. And all the adventuresome things she had wanted to check off her bucket-list would just be left with an empty box beside it. So, no, she wouldn’t give up. She would work hard for her accomplishments. To live a life that was fully lived.




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