The moon lit the night sky like a beacon with the stars twinkling farther in the distance, mirrored the bevy of sea-life gathering. Each one distinct in its own way, yet similar. As the force lured them to the surface, the ocean began to tumble forcefully. Like all the others, the last one was drawn to the surface. But, unlike the others, she tried to resist. She knew it was wrong, but the force was undeniable. Her scales, the deep blue color of the sea, now reflected the light of the moon as she neared the surface, though her majestic kelp green hair still camouflaged her mythical appearance. The raging sea a force from the King was a trial for all as they surfaced, ready for the ritual. She tread the water with effort, maneuvering her tail to try to steady herself as much as possible. And there it was! The sacrifice! The old ship careened towards them, to it’s death. And so, it was time. In unison the tribe let out a most melodious, but intoxicating sound. The Call was so mesmerizing to the two-walkers that they were meant to be the sacrifice everytime. With all her strength, she pulled away and somehow, unbeknownst to anyone, she surged into a wave and let it take her under, just as the ship cracked upon the nearby rocks, that had been invisible in the darkness. Under the chaos above, there was chaos below. The tribe had been released from the binding spell, and a frenzy of all fleeing the scene. Through the crowd, she could see the disaster spreading apart the ship piece by piece. Wood, masts, canons and wreckage of all manner. Including the two-walker, just like the one still alive, staring right at her.





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