Her pace through the park was slow and unintentional in her direction. Her sullen state reflected in the weather. The grey cotton of her sweater started to darken as the spattering rain began to be absorbed. On a regular sun-filled day, this vivid park would be alive with people jogging, families picnicing, dogs playing fetch. But, on this dreary day, she was the only soul on site. She was skipping school again, because she was more advanced than her grade, but she hadn’t talked to anyone about that. It was only one more thing she would be made fun of for. She sat on the curved edge of the plain fountain wall in the center of the park. Her body started to shiver, being all wrapped up in her now wet clothes. As she placed her hands in her pockets, one hand found a coin. She pulled out a quarter. Old with wear and some dirt on it. She rubbed at it to get a better read. ‘1944’.

” The 40’s. It probably would’ve been cool to live back then.” She surmised, and tossed it over her shoulder, “Probably better than today.”

The decades old coin made a plop into the water just as the wind started to pick up. She pulled her arms tighter around her as her shivers increased, but her hood flew back and released her raven black hair to the control of the now raging wind. The trees bent and swayed dangerously. The rain downpoured, causing more meyhem. She could hardly open her eyes as she shielded her face with her arms while the storm ripped through the park. It was so strong, she could barely lift herself from the fountain’s wall. She peeked through squinting lids, only to see a huge gust of torrential rain and the wind pushing with so much force. It had come out of nowhere. It hit her head on and pushed her backwards into the fountain. As she fell, it was almost like slow motion. The water parted as she fell through, but she continued to fall all the way through. And then she was gone. The wind and rain had stopped and the park was completely empty.

Too occupied to know how much time had passed, she came sputtering out of the fountain. Sopping wet in the heat of the sun. Not to mention, people staring at her. People who were dressed funny.

Are they filming a movie or something? She questioned to herself. But, then she noticed the cars on the street driving past were all classics, the buildings across the street were different. Newer looking.

She stumbled out of the fountain to a man sitting on a park bench, involved in the daily newspaper.

“Uh…excuse me? Could I borrow your newspaper for a minute?” She asked, dripping at his side.

“Sure thing. But, if you want to go for a swim, next time you shoud head to the beach, miss.” He suggested, as he handed her the paper from which he had been reading.

As soon as it was in her hand, she zeroed in on the front page.

“1944?!” She exclaimed, because she knew something was off. She had just time traveled to 1944.




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