Welcome readers to my new blog!! YAY!!!

I remember when I was very young I used to hate reading so much. But I used to have reading homework (had to read for a certain amount of time at home, of any book and my parents would have to sign something once that was completed to proove that I actually did my “homework”). As I grew older, I was introduced to a book series called Heartland by Lauren Brooke (yes, the TV series is based off of that book series). I couldn’t get enough of the series and from then on I’ve loved reading ever since.

From inspiration from books, movies, tv, and something that runs in the family, I’ve come to love to write. I’m currently working on the beginnings of the rough drafts of a couple novels that I hope to publish one day, most of which have a fantasy genre basis.

So, with that said, I decided I wanted to share some things with readers. I decided I want to post some reviews of books that I’ve read and I want share some of my creative writing. My creative writing will feature most of the ideas that just randomly come to me at (usually) 2am when I can’t sleep. These are mostly just little scenes (not really for my books). I also like to write these out, since I do suffer from the dreaded writer’s block, hopefully this will help strengthen my writing skills and help me get past this issue.

Without further adieu, I hope you all enjoy.